Keeping myself young through exercise and healthy lifestyle

I’ve seen my peers slow down as we’ve grown older.

  • They are frequently consulting with the doctor and swallowing all sorts of medication.

My husband suffers with pain in his hips, back and knees. I don’t have any issues or illnesses and I haven’t needed to alter my lifestyle. I’ve been committed to my health and fitness for my entire life. I’ve always been extremely conscientious about the food I eat. I am a vegetarian, and I avoid coffee, processed foods, fast foods, sugary snacks and soda. My meals mainly consist of fresh and frozen fruits as well as vegetables. I eat lots of yogurt and lean proteins. I also workout every single day no matter what. I exercise for an hour first thing in the morning. There are days when I’m tired, have aches and pains or face a hectic schedule, but I don’t skip my workout. I sometimes am required to set the alarm especially early in order to make time for my complete fitness regimen. There are times when I don’t manage my workout until late in the evening. Even if I’m not motivated when I start, I typically get into the workout and get a lot out of it. I make sure to get my heart pumping and push myself until I’m sweaty and breathing hard. I incorporate different types of strength training and stretching exercises. I believe it’s essential to focus on my range of motion and balance. Because of this attention, I regularly get mistaken for someone much younger than I am. I keep up with physically demanding hobbies such as kayaking, playing tennis, hiking, jumping rope and home improvement projects.
Wellness and fitness