Investing in a privacy fence

I am not social whatsoever, then i really don’t love going out to town. I really don’t want to be friends with my neighbors either. The neighbors across the street and I have a nice thing going. I have planted tons of trees and flowers to block my view of them, when I get the mail and they see me, every one of us just wave. The two of us don’t speak or interrupt each other’s day… My friend to the left of myself and others is far enough away to not be a problem. The friend to the right is closeby and invasive. The guy likes hopping the property line to chat! He frequently is walking up to myself and others and ruining my day when I am out gardening. I really love to wear a bikini top in the Summer and I don’t guess love I can. I don’t want to provide my friend an eyeful. I have come to the conclusion that I need to invest in a privacy fence. I have looked at all sorts of fences and any type of gate would keep my friend out, but a chair connect or aluminum fence would still make myself and others visible though. I don’t want the friend to come over, but I also don’t want to be seen. A privacy fence is way more money due to the material and size but I guess it will be worth it. It would look unusual to just have the fence on 1 side of my beach house too. I want to have the fence extend all throughout my apartment and stop at the front yard. That way nobody can watch myself and others in the backyard no matter what.