Residential window tinting is common in my state

I have lived in the Southeastern portion of the US for the vast majority of my life! In fact, I was born in the Northeast however moved to the southeast as a child after the death of my father.

when I lived way down south, you would be hard-pressed to find a lake house that did not have residential window tinting, however not only did people put residential window film on their lake house windows, however they also used residential window tinting to tint the windows in their car! All the residential window tinting companies were willing to do window film upgrades on cars as well, however on TV, they used to show criminals with window tinting on their cars, so northerners thought that window tinting was just for Crooks! Every one of us Southerners knew better though.Over the years there have been improvements in both commercial window tinting upgrades and residential window tinting upgrades.

In fact, they now make a million odd kinds of decorative window film as well! Back in the day, there was 1 kind of window film And that was it.After I got married, I moved from the actually southern part of the state to the actually northern part of the state… Down in the south there are no windows and no cars that do not have Window film on their houses; They thought it was tacky. Trust me, she was Southerner there is nothing worse than being tacky. Now though, professional window tinting upgrades are on the rise. Occasionally, if a commercial building can afford it, they buy commercial window films that are put on a pane of glass that is between more than one other panes of glass. That way, window film Replacements do not have to be done as frequently.



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