I’m thrilled!

Recently, I came up with a new invention.  As with all inventions, it came from a need that I had.  I needed to stay warm. My husband was getting to the point where if I didn’t do something, he was going to blow a gasket.  Our energy bills were so high that my entire check went to paying it. When I wasn’t working, I would turn the thermostat up to eighty, just to stay warm.  Before my husband got home, I would turn the thermostat back down. It wasn’t until we got the energy bills that my husband realized something was wrong. He then came home one day before I had the chance to turn down the thermostat.   I tried to keep the thermostat down, but my fingertips turned blue, my toes turned blue and my lips turned blue. He just shook his head and said that we had to save some money somewhere. The next time I was home, I went shopping at the second hand store.  I was able to find an old smoking jacket that went to my feet. I knew this would work for a heavy robe. I also found some shoes they called muk luks, They had fur inside and out, my feet were suddenly cozily warm. I also found a heavy pair of gloves. I knew that if I cut out the fingertips, they would keep my hands warm and I could still do my work.  I loved that I was warm and I didn’t have to turn up the thermostat. My husband was going to be happy, and I would finally be warm.

programmable thermostat