I wonder what the best option is

I have become quite tired of apologizing to my husband.  It seems like everything I do, I feel it is wrong. I spend more time saying I’m sorry and begging his forgiveness, than anything else.  I know you are wondering what is so bad with me, that I have to beg forgiveness. My problem is that I am always cold. I need to do whatever I can so I can stay warm.  I knew I had to do something to change the situation, because he was getting more angry with me for apologizing that for wasting the energy. I turn up the furnace every chance I get.  I turn off the air conditioning during the summer. He hates when we get the energy bill. I just need to get warm. I’ve tried everything I can and not even the doctor can explain it. He said I may have poor circulation, but all of my tests come back good.  When he got home the other day, and I had the thermostat turned up to eighty, I could see he wanted to yell at me. I walked away and I knew I had to do something. The next day, I went shopping at the thrift store. I bought a heavy smokers jacket that hung to my knees.   I also bought a pair of mukluks that had fur inside and out. I knew they were going to keep my feet warm. There was a pair of heavy gloves there. I took them home and cut out the fingertips. I probably won’t wear my get-up around him, but I won’t be turning up the thermostat when he isn’t home, either.

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