I was very worried

When my partner and I bought a new Heating and Air Conditioning unit, all of us needed to procure a loan. The two of us did not have $6,000 sitting around in our savings account. Luckily, the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier commanded a few uncommon loan companies to help. My partner and I do not have great credit, so all of us had to settle for a loan with a high interest rate, but each week, our payments for the Heating and Air Conditioning component are $145. The two of us have been making payments on the Heating and Air Conditioning unit, for at least a year. The payments are automatically drafted from our bank account, each week on the 15th. Last week, the payment did not post on till the 18th. When they took the payment, they entirely took $345 from our account. My partner and I had extra money in the bank, thank goodness. The extra fees could have caused us to overdraft your account, and that would have been an high-priced error. When all of us saw the $345 draft, I instantly contacted the loan business. The lienholder did not understand why all of us had an extra $200 taken, however they couldn’t refund our money without an investigation. My partner and I were easily angry, because all of us needed that $200 for other bills… Still, they made us wait for the investigation to be completed. The two of us had to wait many weeks, before they refunded the additional $200. My partner and I had to eat ramen noodles for a week, while all of us waited for them to sort out our loan payment. I hope this oversight does not occur again in the future, because it was a real pain in the butt.