A new HVAC system would be great

My mom and dad have the HVAC unit tune of each fall. Last fall, my Mom and Dad decided to replace the thermostat in their home. The old thermostat was an aged piece of equipment. My mom and dad couldn’t even read the numbers on the thermostat anymore. They were rubbed down to nothing but a speck of black. Even the screen was barely readable anymore. The HVAC company was offering and installation special on all of the programmable thermostats. They talked to my mom and dad into buying a programmable thermostat. My mom was really confused, and my dad didn’t understand how to use the programmable thermostat. Luckily, the certified and professional HVAC technicians took a great deal of time to explain all of the functions. He sat down with my mom and dad, and explained all of the features for the new programmable thermostat. My mom and dad said the technician spent almost an hour explaining all of the features. He wanted to be certain that my mom and dad understood how to use the new programmable thermostat. By the time the technician left my parents house, they felt like experts on the subject. When I called my dad to ask about the HVAC tune-up, he told me all about the new thermostat. He went on and on, and he explained all of the different functions. My dad was really excited to tell me all about the new piece of equipment in his house. I’m glad the HVAC technician took time to explain the new equipment to my parents.

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