I was not sure about the component

Summer is a real hoot around here, because I have a lot of little boys at home. They range in ages from fifteen to seven, and they all have a unmistakeable and interesting personality. Unfortunately for them, they all know how to get into trouble, if I leave them unattended for a few minutes, they will always find something to break, bend, or ruin! Last weekend, they were jumping around on the bunk beds and my youngest son had to be rushed to the ER! It turned out he had hit his head on the light, and hacked a piece of his ear off. My oldest son called me at work, panicked and crying. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t too terrible to the ear. As soon as we reached our house from the hospital, I saw the other tragedy. We have a small portable Air Conditioning component in the kitchen. The portable A/C helps with the heat and humidity in our house. My house has a strange floor plan, and the kitchen is consistently much warmer than the rest of our house. The portable unit makes an immense difference. As soon as I walked through the door, I noticed the unit toppled over on its side. My middle son Davey had a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I saw that the system was still plugged into the wall, and I yelled out loud for them to stop what they were doing immediately. All chaos had erupted in the home that day. It took almost two hours to repair the equipment and put it back together. After that, I hired a sitter to spend all day with the boys.

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