I was drenched in sweat

Nobody in my family had experienced any summer that was hotter than last summer. The two of us all spent afternoon upon afternoon directly next to our air conditioner, which was completely on full blast at all times. Then, every chance we got we would go to the library or grocery store to relax in the cool air conditioning. Even trying to get cool in the public pool was just not an option.  There were way too many people in the pool to have room for any new people and even getting there was a trial. It was so hot that some residents died of heatstroke. So this year, every one of us wisely opted to prepare better for the summer heat. Since our Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan wasn’t that old, we decided to get it fixed up and cleaned to a T. We were one of the first families to call the HVAC company and schedule a cleaning and change all the air filters.  We even upscaled the system and bought nicer air filters and an air purification system to go with our HVAC system. We got even more recommendations and tips from the Heating as well as Air Conditioning worker on how to deal with the coming heat, too. This year, every one of us were determined to stay cool and beat the heat no matter the circumstances. I’m so glad we have the ability to be in a climate controlled house with a well maintained air conditioner. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get out of the heatwave and into a cool environment.

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