I think I will need a professional to strip the floors and wax

Just as I feared, it headed right for the dining room wall

I decided to buy a home last year, and it’s been a labor of love everyday. The residence needed some repairs, however that’s why I got a multiple bedroom home at a relatively cheap price. The roof was basically brand new, however the flooring needed a ton of work. The subfloor was showing in the dining room, and the kitchen needed new tile throughout. The residence has some fantastic features that make it worth the currency and time and aggravation. I’m in a fantastic city, if I ever have a wife and boys. The universities are great and I’m close to the highway and shopping places. There is a very nice park across the street with a playground, disc hockey course, and plenty of space for frisbee or kick ball. It’s completely quiet and safe, and I’m actually in love with the scenery. Just the other weekend, I made the choice to get started with working on the floors. I wanted to strip and wax the floors in the dining room. I don’t have that kind of equipment in my residence, so I rented a machine from the hardware store. I watched all kinds of videos, so I did not end up putting a hole in the dining room wall. I stripped away all of the older flooring, and then I started sanding. Things were going just fine initially, until I accidentally lost control of the sander. Just as I feared, it headed right for the dining room wall. Luckily, it missed putting a huge hole in the wall and went crashing through the dining room door! Now I have to upgrade the door and hire a real professional to finish stripping and waxing the floors.


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