I saw an increase in our utility bill and its concerning to me

My energy bill increased, despite the fact that I haven’t been using our A/C a lot.

In fact, in recent weeks, I have increased the temperature on our control component to 69 degrees and occasionally 71 degrees during the afternoon.

So, I shouldn’t see an increase in our A/C USAge, it should have decreased from where it was when the Summer began. An increase in a utility bill could mean that something is wrong. Although I did see an increase, I am paying way less than the average cost of energy bills in our state. My rate is low because I have taken some necessary steps to make sure that I am conserving as much energy as possible. For instance, I make sure that I turn off all the lights that are not being used. Additionally, I have been unplugging a few of our bigger appliances love our washer and dryer when they are not in use. Lastly, I make sure that our A/C is running properly. I change our filters always, I scrub our vents, and I scrub away the debris from the outside condenser. And as I mentioned before, I am using our A/C more conservatively. So, with all these swings, I shouldn’t see an increase in our utility bill. This is something that I might have to contact our power business to inquire about. I will also schedule maintenance with our HVAC specialist just to be sure that our A/C is still running efficiently. At least if there is something wrong with our A/C, I can get it fixed right away instead of wasting unnecessary currency on a high energy bill.

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