Would You Like to Know How Long You’ll Live?

Yeah this is a random question despite the fact that I was just thinking about it myself.

Part of myself and others would love to suppose how long I will live so I can pace myself, but then another side of myself and others doesn’t want to suppose because I would plan everything out in life and it may be a bit dull that way.

It’s unusual that the people I was with and I are here on this planet 1 afternoon and then suddenly gone the next. Do the people I was with and I assume anything when the people I was with and I are gone or is it just love sleeping forever? It’s such an bizarre concept I can’t seem to grasp, the HEPA filter salesman is gone now but he told myself and others to enjoy the ride because it goes by in a battach. I’m going to do our best to enjoy our time left on this planet and try to do some fun things along the way. I would love to start our own local business where the people I was with and I do shows a few times a week and also teach people about living healthy lifestyles. It would be a healthy cafe in the afternoon and a locale for songs and other shows at evening. The HVAC business next door said that they would have a lot of people come to our shows if the people I was with and I end up doing them. I just need to see how much currency I have next year and go from there. My dad provided myself and others $100K from his HVAC business but it has dwindled down to almost nothing so I’ll have to wait and pray that it goes back up.

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