I really am fine with a ductless unit

The other day when our HVAC system broke down, I figured that I would be able to take care of it on my own. My wife was saying that I really should call up the HVAC company to have a certified professional take care of everything. I felt like we were always wasting our money on the professionals because it looked fairly easy for me to handle on my own. She was saying that they went to school for a reason to become certified for this type of work, and I definitely wasn’t certified. I disagreed and said I could easily handle this. I asked my son to help me and grab my tools. My son right away felt uncomfortable about it. He was asking things like what if we blew up the house. I said we wouldn’t blow up the house! He then asked what if we caused a great deal of damage to the HVAC equipment? While that was possible, I still felt like we could easily handle it. I pulled up DIY videos on my phone to show us the process of HVAC system repair. My son eventually said we really should call up the HVAC company like Mom said. I didn’t listen and went to open the HVAC unit. Then I shocked myself really bad when I started messing with the inner workings of the equipment. I collapsed on the floor from the shock and next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital. They said I suffered a severe electrical shock, but I was going to be okay. They already heard from my wife and son about what happened and said I should never mess around with something like an HVAC system without being certified.

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