I need some better indoor climate

My parents have an ancient fishing shack that noone has used in ten years. The shack is worn down & in exhausting shape. My sister & I wanted to remodel the venue, so the two of us could use it for camping & fishing. My parents agreed to sell the fishing shack to both of us. The first thing the two of us did was repair the roof & the porch. Most of the porch boards were falling apart or completely gone. The roof had holes above the living room, & there was mangle to the flooring. My sister & I spent multiple months worth of weekends on the roof, porch, & living room floor. We replaced the bathroom & added a shower. We replaced the living room appliances & the sizzling water oil furnace as well. After the cosmetic repairs were completed, our sister & I bought a ductless heat pump for the shack. My parents never bothered to add any temperature control plan to the ancient shack. They only used the venue during the summer time months. My sister & I wanted to use the fishing shack at all times of the year. The ductless heat pump provides Heat & cooling system to our small space. The ductless heat pump was an affordable solution to our main problem. My sister & I didn’t have any existing duct oil for any type of ducted Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system. The ductless heat pump is practical, affordable, & energy efficient. My sister & I are already spending our weekends in the shack. We still have some repairs left to make, but the whole venue will be finished in a few short months.

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