I love my job

I’m an avid workout enthusiast. I absolutely need to work out at least an hour each day. It’s massively important to me as I realize the impact and significance of a healthy life. The first thing I do every day is wake up and run outside for 45 minutes. I feel that doing this first thing in the morning does a lot for you. First off, it helps wake me up. Since I don’t drink coffee, getting up and running really wakes my mind and body up. It also is beneficial to run in the morning to beat the heat that inevitably arrives in the day. Since I wake up early, I get out and about earlier than most other people so I don’t have to deal with children or other people in the neighborhood. When I get home, I’ll usually turn the thermostat to my preferred 55 degrees. I’m not sure why, but I definitely prefer a cooler setting when I work out. When it’s too hot, I feel kind of groggy and unable to get motivated to work at my full potential. When it’s too cold, I feel a bit stagnant and my joints seem to stiffen too much. So it’s important to keep my thermostat at the most ideal setting which I’ve gone through many weeks of fine-tuning. Fifty five degrees is the sweet spot for me. This may differ from person to person as this is just my personal preference. After I adjust the thermostat, I’ll make a protein shake and begin my exercises, weights, and calisthenics. This is my routine 6 or 7 days a week.

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