I know a lot about working on HVAC and cars, but I still let the professionals handle the big stuff

I learned a lot about working on HVAC equipment and cars when I was young.

  • My father would always have me there helping him out.

He would always ask me to hand him different tools and it didn’t take me long to know all the tools he needed to use for various types of jobs. I was especially interested in the HVAC system repair work. I was happy when I was allowed to change the air filters to the HVAC system at an early age, it became one of my regular chores. I made sure those air filters were changed every single month and I paid attention to how dirty they would get compared to the new air filters. Sometimes they weren’t all that dirty at all, and other times they were absolutely filthy. I asked my father about the ones that weren’t so dirty, and why we couldn’t continue to use them for another month. He was saying that they are designed to be changed every single month, and you don’t want to take the risk with a clogged up air filter. That would cause the HVAC system to struggle and then it could overheat and develop issues that require additional maintenance and repair work. I learned all kinds of things like that from my father, and I always took pride in taking care of things on my own when I eventually grew up and got my own place. Even though I have a lot of pride in working on things myself, things have changed a lot since back then. HVAC systems are more advanced and even a lot has changed with automotive work. While I do take care of the basic things with my HVAC on my own like changing the air filters, I decided to get on an HVAC system maintenance plan to have the professionals take care of all the big stuff.


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