I have so many options

After years of suffering with an warm, sticky loft every summer, our fiance plus I decided to invest in central air conditioning.  Because our loft is well over a hundred years old, the two of us don’t have conventional HVAC duct. Both of us were reluctant to tear down walls plus ceilings plus get into the important mess of installing HVAC duct.  Both of us consulted with a local HVAC professional who advised high velocity air conditioning. This type of cooling proposal is designed to accommodate retrofit into older homes, plus uses flexible, two-inch tubing which snakes actually through slender spaces.  High velocity air conditioning is quite a bit more valuable to install than conventional central cooling, however it has advantages. The proposal provides a more forceful plus colder supply of air, allowing it to cool the space honestly quickly. Because of this, it also removes about thirty percent more moisture from the air than a traditional central cooling system.  Because the two of us assume cooler at a higher temperature, the two of us can raise the temperature control a bit plus save money on the electric bills. Our loft feels perfectly cool at 78 degrees. Both of us don’t need to have the high velocity proposal running constantly, plus it’s virtually silent. Although the high velocity air conditioner requires several vents in each room, the vents are super small plus are available in a wide range of styles.  We’ve absolutely painted the vent covers to match the walls so they blend right in. My fiance plus I are so much happier in our loft now that the two of us have a whole-loft cooling system. Both of us no longer need to rely on window air conditioners plus a bunch of noisy, ugly fans. It doesn’t matter how warm plus humid the summer time weather, the two of us care about ideal comfort.

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