I have done everything

The people I was with and myself absolutely have some major concerns for our Log Cabin. We absolutely spent multiple weekends at our log cabin and need to rely on our furnace. Last time the people I was with and myself took some friends to the Log Cabin, the furnace seem to have a difficult time keeping multiple rooms warm. The people I spend time with and myself chalked it up to too many people in such a small area. Unfortunately, we went again this weekend and absolutely had the same problem. The people I spend time with and some of our friends were spending the weekend, when our furnace decided to start making a groaning weird sound. The groaning sound was awful and almost made our ears Flex. The people I was with and myself didn’t have much choice but to continue using the furnace while it made the noise. After a few hours, the furnace noise finally went away and everything returned to normal. Whatever noise was occurring, I don’t think it was anything good. My friends and I have some serious concerns about the furnace, and it usually takes multiple calls before we can find someone to drive into the country to make a log cabin call. They also charge us a spanking penny for coming into the country. Unfortunately, our beautiful log cabin is a bit out of the distance, when it comes to repairs on the cooling equipment and furnace. I wish that I had a friend who could help and visit at the very same time.

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