A very hefty payment

My girlfriend in addition to myself are starting to wonder if the time has come to replace our old heat pump. The people I spend my days with an addition to several others have really noticed a decrease in the functionality of our heat pump. When the old heat pump was installed several years ago, it worked efficiently every time we turn it on. Now it surely seems like the heat pump has a lot of trouble maintaining and getting to a temperature. A friend of mine works for a heat pump in addition a friend of mine works for a heat pump in addition to A/C supplier. He certainly offered to help us out with our problem in addition to provide service to the heat pump. The problem is I do believe it’s time to upgrade in addition to the fact that we have no money to make these revisions this year. I don’t want to be embarrassed and have to tell my friend that we cannot afford a costly repair. Therefore, I don’t even want him to come out to view the system. I feel like my partner in addition to myself are stuck in quite a pickle conundrum. I would love to have some extra help, but I am worried to hear the worst case scenario news from my friend. this might be the year that all of us have to buy a small space heater in addition to deal with those heat pump problems. Maybe if we wait a couple of months, we can catch a special in the off-season

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