I have a better idea

One of our greatest family treasures is the old lake house. It is a large house, with big bay windows overlooking the backyard. The large wrap around porch has plenty of seating to watch the sun as it sets over the lake. While no one lives at the lake house full time, we all spend most of our Summer in the house. As we have gotten older, our siblings plus I have have wanted to spend more time in the house, certainly in the Winter when the lake freezes over. The only problem is, honestly few changes have ever been made to the house, including the heating plus air system. One of the largest issues during our Summer visits is the lack of central a/c in the house. Luckily, most summers by the lake are mild plus we can make due with the cooling breeze coming off the lake. However, the winters are harshly freezing plus without heating, we have never spent much time there during the winter. A few winters ago, our siblings tried to stay in the lake house for a week, claiming they could build a fire to keep them moderate in lue of a gas furnace. However, they did not last honestly long. Last summer, our father finally decided it was time to pass the lake house on to our siblings plus I. As joint owners, our first order of company was to install a new heating plus cooling system. Although our dad was not ecstatic with the idea, he does love the new Heating plus Air Conditioning method plus we all have started visiting the lake lake house in the winter, making great use of the new gas furnace.

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