I had to call an exterminator after the HVAC technician visited my house

My apartment is in a building that only has a single floor.

It’s sort of like a single story townhouse, although it’s labeled as a condo.

It feels like I live in a quadro-plex, but we have six units in the building instead of four. I like having a condo association take care of the grass, but I wish they did a better job forcing their owners to care for their actual units. I hate the idea of mold getting into my apartment because we all share one large attic space up top. It’s not that you can climb into another person’s living space from the attic, but the air is exchanged from one place to the next. Not just air, but also bugs and rodents. One of the units had a rat problem at one point and the condo association had to call in a special extermination company to rid them from everyone’s attic space. For a while things were mostly uneventful following that fiasco. However, I found something recently that stressed me out to no end. I had my seasonal HVAC service and maintenance like always, and I wasn’t expecting any issues this time around. When my heating and cooling technician told me to call an insect exterminator, my jaw hit the floor. He said there were bugs getting into my air handler from the attic. Apparently they were migrating from someone else’s attic space that was adjacent to mine. This was another source of frustration and stress while the entire building was treated for ants and cockroaches. I want to find a better condo as soon as I can find a buyer for my current one.

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