My husband really wants us to move south

Then it would start doing the same old thing again.

My husband has decided that he really wants for us to move south in the next year or two. He has been talking about it for a long time now, but we just never really set any goals or made any real plans before now. I think that what happened to us last year with our heating system in our house is finally what pushed him over the edge and made him start getting our house ready to sell. He has also started looking at houses online and he’s making plans for us to go on a trip down there to scope out the real estate. I guess he’s really serious now, and I can’t say that I blame him all that much after all the garbage that we went through with the electric furnace last winter. It was like the furnace was out to get us. We would call the HVAC company, get the furnace fixed, and it would run okay for a day or two. Then it would start doing the same old thing again. This happened to us six times in a row and then my husband decided that he was tired of messing with it. That’s when he called the HVAC company and scheduled them to come and completely replace the heating and air conditioning system in the house. He had them tear out the whole thing and drag it off to the dump! I couldn’t believe it because I have never seen him quite that flustered about a repair in our house before! Anyway, shortly after the new furnace was installed, it broke down on us. That’s when my husband told me that he gave up and that we were finally moving somewhere that we don’t have to worry about furnaces anymore!
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