I had some good ideas

This past fall, my spouse decided to take me to this quaint little bed and supper out in the country for our birthday, then the whole setting was entirely  attractive and romantic. The bed and supper was sitting right next to a attractive little lake by the edge of the woods and it was decorated in an old fashioned way, i loved the way that it looked, but both of us suddenly realized that there was a big time complication with the old fashioned setting! Not only did it look old fashioned, it entirely  was! What I mean is that this specific bed and supper didn’t really have any up-to-date conveniences, including an new heating and air conditioner system, but now, since it was the fall, the lack of an air conditioner wasn’t that big of a deal for me. If it had been summer, that would have been a big issue, since I can’t get any good sleep without the air conditioner running when it’s hot outside, and but since it was fall and the weather was really cooling off, both of us were more distraught about the temperature being too cold. I’ve never stayed anywhere without a really working gas furnace of some sort, and when we finally realized we only had a fireplace and a big pile of wood outside for our source of heating, both of us were a little bit upset! Luckily, my spouse knows how to build a fire and both of us also found a tiny little electric section heating system in one of the clothes closets. At least the site had electricity. I told my spouse that next time he books a rental, he should double check their source of heating and cooling before he pays all of the rent!

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