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With all my experience as well as my certification in the heating and cooling business, I can teach others as well as get them ready to go into today’s industry of heating as well as cooling… This is exactly what I decided to do! After decades of being a certified heating and cooling specialist for a local HVAC company, I was ready for a major career change, so teaching the HVAC business to others at a local school is the rout I decided to chose! The entire technology of the heating as well as cooling industry changed so much over the years from when I was doing it back decades ago. Today, every last one of us have things such as the smart thermostats, radiant heated floors, whole home air purification systems, whole-home air purifiers, as well as 98% of all homes across the United States of america now have central heating as well as cooling with full ductwork. Back when I first started in the heating as well as cooling industry in the 1980’s, central heating as well as cooling was something only the well off could afford or the very rich folks, as well as most heating systems were gas or oil gas heating system furnaces as well as for air conditioner, it was the fantastic of the era old fashioned window air conditioner units. I am very current on the latest trends as well as greatest and latest  in HVAC technology, so passing it on to the young as well as upcoming professionals in the heating and cooling HVAC industry will be my satisfaction as well as overjoyed to do so! The heating as well as cooling industry is my life, as well as i’ll always be involved in some way, then even if it is just teaching it to others in a classroom!

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