I don’t always like being on call for emergency HVAC jobs

I was the maintenance professional who was on call last weekend.

Every maintenance professional that works for this Heating as well as A/C equipment supplier has to be ready, willing, as well as able to do work one weekend every month! Last weekend it was our turn, however I was genuinely tied up on Tuesday as well as I didn’t get done with the last cooling equipment repair until practically at 6 during the evening.

I actually wanted to get back to my property as well as take a shower as well as have dinner, even though I was totally stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours! By the time I made it back to my property, the phone rang as well and a shopper needed help with a cooling system repair. I didn’t have time to take a shower as well as I grabbed a bin of snacks from the cabinet before heading back out to the other side of town. I contacted the shopper when I was roughly 10 minutes away… She sounded genuinely happy that I was coming to repair the cooling equipment problem. I inspected that issue until around 9 in the evening. It wasn’t an awful repair, however the shopper didn’t truly know the first thing about cooling equipment issues. She certainly could have fixed the issue on her own, even though I didn’t mind helping. I was able to crawl into my bed around midnight. I was glad the phone didn’t ring at all throughout the evening. Sometimes it rings constantly as well as other evenings it is totally silent. I didn’t have another emergency maintenance call until Sunday during the day. It was fairly quiet for the most part though.

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