I didn't want to sit in traffic all afternoon

I was the repair technician on call last weekend.

  • Every repair technician that works for this HVAC company has to be ready, willing, and able to work one weekend every month.

Last weekend it was my turn. I was very busy on Friday and I didn’t get finished with the last air conditioner repair until almost 6 at night. I really wanted to get home and take a shower and have dinner, but I sat in traffic for almost two hours. By the time I made it back to my apartment, the phone rang and a customer needed help with an air conditioner repair. I didn’t have time to take a shower and I grabbed a bag of chips from the cupboard before heading back out to the other side of town. I called the customer when I was 10 minutes away. She sounded very happy that I was coming to fix the air conditioner problem. I worked on that issue until around 8:30 at night. It wasn’t a bad repair, but the customer didn’t know the first thing about air conditioner troubleshooting. She probably could have fixed the problem on her own, but I didn’t mind helping and coming to the rescue. I finally crawled into my bed around midnight. I was certainly glad the phone didn’t ring at all throughout the night. Sometimes it rings off the hook and other nights it is as quiet as a church mouse. I didn’t have another emergency repair call until Sunday morning. It was actually fairly quiet most of the day on Saturday.


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