I didn’t get in… I thought

Isn’t it so interesting how life can throw you curveballs sometimes? In my life, it seems like I should expect the unexpected.

  • Just when I let go of something being a possibility, everything abruptly changes.

Recently, I had started to forfeit my idea of becoming a professional Heating and Cooling technician. I started looking online for boring office jobs or contracted service positions that I could take instead. It seems perfectly clear that I was never going to attend the certified Heating and Cooling graduate program that I had applied to, and it was time to let go of my air quality control pipe dream. You see, over six months ago I applied to the most reputable local trade school in my area. I knew they had an 18-month professional Heating and Cooling technician certification program, and I was banking on my admission to the air quality control specialist curriculum. When I never heard back from the school and my application to be a licensed HVAC technician went unanswered, I grew disheartened and began thinking of alternative careers. The day that I apply to become an Uber driver is the day that I received an email from the local trade school. They had an unexpected opening in their Heating and Cooling certification program, and they wanted to grant me a massive scholarship to pursue my air quality control licensure. Now, my original dream of helping folks with their residential HVAC installation and repair services is actually coming true. There’s no telling what’s coming my way next, but I know that it will include amazing indoor air.



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