I did everything I could

There are a few days during the work week where I can’t seem to find a temperature setting that works for me in my office, and at first, I was so happy because our offices finally got individual temperature controls in our offices. I used to be in a cubicle, so I had no control over the temperature of my environment that I worked in. It seemed like it was consistently cooler than I wanted it to be, despite layering up in sweatshirt and overcoats, I was still slightly colder than I ever wanted to be, however, the cool air kept me awake, which in turn made me more productive and getting stuff done more quickly. However now that I’ve been into my own office, I get access to my own control unit. I started to warm up my office to the same temperature that I keep my home at, just about 74 degrees or so. I swiftly found that the warmer the temperature in my office, the less productive I become due to the fact that the warm air makes me very relaxed. I found it kind of tough to keep my eyes open that first week with the temperature controls. My decrease in productivity was most certainly connected to the new air temperature. I decided to turn down the air to a slightly cooler temperature, however after that I was back to shivering at my desk freezing! I find myself switching the temperature back around the afternoon time to make the office slightly cooler. Apparently having temperature control has not been the best thing for my performance in the office! I need to settle on a temperature that works for me so that I can stop spending so much time on deciding how I want it set. Even though I savor the privacy of my own office, it’s genuinely taken some getting used to. I constantly keep my overcoat on the hook in my office.  

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