A concern of mine

As a single mom, I struggle all the time financially to make ends meet each month, but i typically try to save every month so I can use my currency on activities that my kids enjoy. That means I am an expert at utilizing coupons and finding them, I go and take my bottles plus cans to keep some money, and I like to hand make their halloween costumes. That’s why it entirely is hard for me when an unexpected expense pops up. For example, this past month, the furnace stopped working in the middle of the night, however every one of us woke up shivering under our blankets. I wasn’t sure what to do because I knew the repair on the HVAC unit would be extravagant, although I was concerned that the chilly temperature of the house would get everyone so sick. I reluctantly called the local HVAC and he was able to squeeze me in fairly quickly, and luckily, the HVAC was able to find the problem with ease. And everything was completed before my kids got out of school. The problem was fairly easy, all he needed to change out was the filter for a modern one, plus he even selected a reusable filter so that I would be able to wash it myself next time. Now that he mentioned it, I realized it had been a truly long time since I even thought about my air filters. It had to have been years since I had changed everything out. It made sense that it would be dirty plus in need of some sort of upgradement. I will be more conscious of my air filter from now on. I can actually feel a difference in all of this air quality, too. I was extremely appreciative that he was helping me save currency in the future, so I didn’t mind paying for the repairs. He provided me a cheap price and I was very grateful for it.

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