I couldn’t believe the air quality issues

I despise every type of bug, and yet they are impossible to eliminate. In your spring, I deal with ants in my kitchen, running around on your countertops, and invading my handsome canister. In the summer, We battle mosquitos, flies, and centipedes that somehow find their way inside the house. All year round, I want to go around with the dyson to suck up the webs and spiders in the corners. I also realize there exists millions of dust mites basically my carpets, mattresses and furniture. The idea of all these insects sharing my home definitely disgusts me. I have done everything possible to at least reduce their numbers. I hire an exterminator to spray insecticide many times during the spring and summer season. I have enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan making sure that the filtration system of my furnace and air conditioner are working at peak capacity. I’ve also spent a large amount of on air quality accessories which installed directly within the HVAC unit. I have an air purifier that runs all year long, cleaning the indoor air something like eight times every hour. It contains a HEPA filter and traps airborne toxic contamination, such as dust mites, dander, pollen in addition to bacteria. A dehumidifier runs in the spring and summer, regulating moisture levels to discourage insects. Since cockroaches, dust mites, centipedes and a lot of other bugs just love temperatures and humidity, I keep my home as cool and dry as is feasible. Plus, running the air conditioner allows me to maintain my windows closed and protect against many insects from getting on the inside.