I Can’t Find the Ice Cream and It is Causing Distress in My Hot House

It was crazy hot last weekend & my youngster wanted some ice cream.

I knew I had some in the freezer, but I couldn’t locate it.

I was going to give him a popsicle, however she didn’t want the popsicle. She kept saying it was too miserably tropical. Both of us had the air conditioning system turned on, however that wasn’t good enough for her. I told him to show myself and others what would make her happy & she pointed to the ceiling. She wanted the ceiling fan on. I hadn’t realized the fan wasn’t running. Once the fan came on, she was her normal smiling self again. Pretty soon thereafter, she asked for ice cream again & I told him I didn’t have any. This brought on a little fit of screaming which had myself and others so upset, I put him in time out. I was not going to suffer through a temper tantrum because she couldn’t have her own way. Both of us had a chat about her temper tantrum & she then apologized. Five seconds later, she asked for ice cream again. I stood in front of the air conditioning system & I wailed. I was hoping she was thinking I was just being silly & she would laugh. Instead she cried even harder & kept yammering on about ice cream. Again, I had to put him in time out. I called my spouse & she told myself and others that she was sure we had ice cream in the refrigerator freezer. Our child was now playing in front of the air conditioning system unit & I noticed cream all over him. She had removed the ice cream from the freezer & it had melted all over the floor when she hid it behind the toybox.

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