I can’t believe this

Last week, my husband saw on television where our state is talking about raising the taxes on fuel.  We are already one of the states that has the highest fuel prices in the entire US. It is estimated that our fuel taxes could go up another $ .30 to   $ .50 per gallon. With fuel prices rising that much, our fuel for the furnace will also rise substantially. Being retired, it is all we can do to be able to pay for the fuel for the furnace, now.  Our energy bills will be rising as will our food prices. It seems really ridiculous that the price of fuel can’t be the same from state to state. The worst part of all of this is that my husband is now considering moving.  He wants to move to a state where we can afford to live. He doesn’t want to continue to pay the excessive fuel cost for heating. He says if we moved south then we wouldn’t need to worry about heating. We could find a new home in the mountains where we would be able to get by with a window air conditioner for the summer and a couple electric space heaters for the winter.  I jokingly told him that we could always pay rent to our son who recently bought an abandoned school. We could pay him rent, he would supply all of the heating and air conditioning. He may even be good enough to give us one of the apartments that has a mini-split HVAC unit. He was seriously considering the idea.

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