A great six months

The dance hall location is definitely set for the older people. The oil furnace must be set around 98 degrees. The outdated audience have low circulation & don’t move unquestionably much. They need the heating to be content. Second, all outdated people prefer the dance hall. The younger crowd love the big building, free snacks & that a big crowd is always there. But, the downside is that the smaller crowd can never stick around with the heater on so much. If the two of us even think of switching the oil furnace down,  the older people whine about how freezing it is inside. A lot of the younger audience think that the bing location should have some A/C on. I think that either the two of us want to put in Heating, Ventilation, & A/C zone control to the dance hall location or just let the outdated people have it. There could be 2 sections. One could be a more party section with AC for the young kids. The other area is the wholesome dance hall area that has heavy with heating. It would be expensive however if each man who went to pitched in 13 bucks the two of us could do it. A lot of people love that big building & the atmosphere. I need something to change however. I cannot handle the odd conversations about the AC & the heat.  It is wrecking the day as it is. No person wants to talk about temperature control, Heating, Ventilation, & A/C & who belongs in what spot.

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