I can’t believe that

I think I might be brilliant! I woke up in the middle of the night last week and had the best idea. I normally wake up from having weird dreams but this was a little bit different, I woke up because I had the best idea ever and I needed to write it down before I forget about it. Radiant heated flooring it the HVAC world and was the best invention for years. Well I think I have found the next best thing. I need to call HVAC company and patent my idea before anyone steals it! I am going to ivent floors that instead of have hot water running underneath them, they have cold water running underneath them. Water is much less expensive to cool down than heat up so it will save people a lot of money on their energy bills each month.  Imagine the summer time when you come home from the beach or are running around cleaning and the floors are nice and cool. It will be awesome and I think it could change the HVAC industry forever or it will be the worst idea everyone has heard and no one will want to have cold floors in their home. Either way I am going to try and make my new HVAC invention work! Maybe I can even start to sell it in large offices and make even more money off my idea. I think I am going to have take out a loan so I can start making a test model.

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