I can fix a furnace in under 20 minutes with these simple tips

A lot of people think that fixing HVAC equipment takes a long time and is expensive. Sometimes it is true that fixing an HVAC system is expensive, but a lot of times it really doesn’t have to be! One thing I have found is that if you just google the problem you are having, you are likely to find a really great answer for your HVAC problem. My furnace was making a bunch of weird sounds and my wife asked me to call an HVAC technician. Before I called an HVAC technician I just wanted to see what I could figure out on my own. I looked on the internet and saw that if I went to a store and got a few cheap HVAC parts I could solve my problem in just a few minutes! All I had to do was turn the furnace off, remove the panel and tighten a few screws. I replaced the filter in the furnace and put the panel back on. I left the furnace off for an hour or two just to rest it and then I switched it back on. After the 20 minutes and few dollars I spent, the furnace was silent and my HVAC system was running again. My wife came home that night and asked how much the HVAC technician cost, she was expecting me to say a few hundred dollars. I showed her the receipt for the HVAC parts and told her it only took me 20 minutes! Now I am not saying that all furnace problems will be this easy to fix, but I do think you should really consider reading about heating and cooling on the web before you call an expensive HVAC technician.

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