My wife can’t stand the smell of our propane heater, so we don’t use it

I never realized how serious morning sickness in pregnancy was.

Whoever named it morning sickness must not have spent the entire day with their pregnant wife, because my wife is literally sick all of the time. My wife went through a pretty crazy three months of not wanting to eat or smell anything, and she would throw up on the spot. Though most of her nausea has subsided, she is still sensitive to certain smells. One constant perpetrator is the smell of our propane heater. This was terrible because the morning sickness started in March. There were some nights that our house was below freezing, and we could only use a space heater. If I tried to turn on the propane heater, she would gag and puke until I turned it off. It was unbearable. The temperature was so cold outside and inside, but I couldn’t handle the noises she would make when I kept the propane furnace turned on. Hopefully, I can find a new way to heat our home before next Winter. Campers are made to use propane for heat, so I have no idea what I am going to do. She even complains that there is a residual propane smell, which I cannot figure out how to get rid of. For now, I can be content that the air conditioner doesn’t bother her nearly as much as the propane heater did. I can also be glad that she has to endure pregnancy. The worst I experience is helping her to be comfortable by using our thermostat properly.


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