I bet that’s the right spot for the air conditioner

I’m neither an engineer nor a tech expert when it comes to new appliances. I’m more in the dark on the functionality of modern technology than someone from the Medieval times. If someone tossed me in the woods and asked me to recreate my favorite technological appliance, I’d fail, even with all the resources provided. My technological knowledge consists of this: When I twist a knob, flip a switch, or poke a button, the device should work. Though that wasn’t the case for my malfunctioning air conditioner. I was extremely disappointed when I arrived home one humid Monday afternoon to nothing but hot air blowing from the A/C vents. My air conditioner had slowly been becoming less powerful over time, but now I could feel absolutely no cool air. I couldn’t tell what the issue was. Thankfully, when I called a nearby HVAC business, they told me the problem was quite simple. The air conditioning unit had a leak, allowing the refrigerant that cooled the air to drip from the A/C until nothing was left. Because there was no freon cooling the air, the A/C unit stopped working. In my luck, all the technician had to do was patch the hole and fill the air conditioning bak up with brand new freon. The repair was pretty cheap and I was able to relax in my air conditioned home once again.