Going into the kitchen

I really don’t like my next door neighbor Randy. The guy is always bragging about how he has the best car in the neighborhood. He definitely feels he is the most handsome, successful and smartest guy on the block as well. I really hate anytime I am around him. However, I hosted a neighborhood gathering at my place. He would have been the only guy I did not invite, so I had to let him come over. Unfortunately right when he arrived my cooling system quit. Randy immediately bragged about how handy he is and that he is basically a cooling technician. He told me not to worry and that he could repair my cooling system. I really did not want him to touch it. The air conditioner had just gotten an AC tune up and the issue was probably small. I was planning on looking it over later in the evening or calling a real AC contractor. Nope, Randy immediately started pulling my AC apart and looking inside. He was so rough on the AC unit that I was cringing the whole time. He did everything wrong to my cooling unit too. He dumped a ton of refrigerant into the air conditioner system. He cleaned off my fan blades really rough. He also washed my air filter that was not a washable brand. Afterwards the AC did not turn on and looked worse. I know he damaged my AC unit. I know Randy will not admit it and be a total jerk when I bring him my cooling repair bill. But, he is the one that hurt it, so he is paying the bill.

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