I am investing in a new air conditioner

I like to live a simple life. I have learned to do without many luxuries and be just fine. I have always felt like wanting too much can make you constantly unsatisfied, so I have always found it important to seek out the important things first. I will admit that some luxuries are very nice to have though.. I experienced a life of having little several years ago, when a hurricane all but destroyed my dad’s home, and we had to live in in anyway. You could certainly still live in the house, but it had no interior drywall left, except around the home’s bathroom, and the HVAC system was busted. We still possessed electricity, walls around the bathrooms, kitchen appliances, and the structure was not damaged, but the HVAC system was not fixable. It took a lot of time for my Dad to get the insurance money for the house, so getting things back up and running such as the walls and HVAC system took over a year. There are people I know who would have hated these living conditions, particularly the lack of climate control, however, for me I was saving a buck on living expenses and still had a unique place for myself. Most of the time it was not even all that bad with no cool air or heat, and I had a house to myself at a young age. I had friends over often who didn’t complain all that much about having no heating and cooling either. The summers around here can be quite warm, but it is the brutal winters that I remember the most when it came to not having any heating.

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