Hitting the road to find warm weather

The weather was just starting to warm up in the neighborhood they were departing, however this afternoon they did not care.

They knew that their new lives by the ocean would be sunshiny, hot plus humid, so they packed their cars plus went on their way.

It took a solid three and a half days of driving to arrive at their tropical destination. The initial excitement of a roadtrip to begin their new lives abruptly wore off during that time, plus they were in search of a hotel room to rest up for another long and hard day driving. The first thing they noticed when they arrived was the loud and Rusty window machine air conditioner. They were feeling so sleepy, they did not notice that the room air conditioner was set to 60 degrees! They woke up the next morning unhappily with chapped lips plus sore throats, however both laughed and admitted that the white noise from the air conditioner helped them get the best days rest they thought they’d had in a long time. The 2 kids packed their things plus got right back on the road. The cool air blasting through the cars air conditioner system reminded them of the brutal Wintertimes they had been through their entire lives in the Northeast. The kids thought about how ecstatic they were to leave the chilly Wintertimes behind. As they arrive to their new apartment, they noticed again that the air is sticky plus hot inside. After a few days of waking up absolutely covered in sweat, they decide to contact their proprietor about the faulty Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. Honestly, they were happy to be complaining about the Heat.

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