He told us the HVAC system didn’t need cleaned.

When the HVAC technician installed the mini-split ductless HVAC system into my wife’s office, he told me about the perks that came with going ductless.

He said it was virtually maintenance free, and we didn’t need yearly servicing.

The ductless HVAC system was cheaper to run, and it was more efficient in heating and air conditioning. We had the mini-split HVAC system installed for almost a year, and he was proving right in everything he said about the mini-split. Our energy bills were lower, and the HVAC worked perfectly. The only problem we were having was that there was a faint odor of mold in the room for the last couple of weeks. I called the HVAC company and told them about the smell of mold. He said we may need to have the system flushed and cleaned. I thought this was maintenance free. He said it was maintenance free, but it needed to be cleaned once every year or two. In my book, cleaning was part of the maintenance program. He said maintenance was separate from cleaning. When they did maintenance on the HVAC system, they also cleaned it as part of the maintenance. Maintaining HVAC systems and cleaning was still part of the deal. Telling me there was no maintenance needed meant the HVAC system didn’t need cleaned, either. I couldn’t argue with the HVAC technician, so I told him to come out and ‘clean’ the mini-split system. When he got there, it surprised him how much mold and slime had formed inside the unit. It took him nearly an hour to clean one small mini-split HVAC system. I would hate to see how long it would take if I had ductless HVAC in the entire house.

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