Grandma cares about his heat

I have the best Grandma ever, he is so spunky and full of life.

I cherish spending as much time with his as I possibly can. She is in excellent health because he walk three miles a morning and has always be conscious of what he eats and puts in his body. I know he will actually live to be one years old and I am so happy to spend several more years with her. She is always up on the latest technology and even texts me everyday! Many of my friends are jealous of the relationship I have with my Grandma, most of their have already past away. That makes me so sad that they can’t have the same bond that I share with my Grandma. The other morning he called me to see if I would come over while the Heating & A/C company installed a current smart thermostat. She was going to play bridge with his friends and wouldn’t be home. So I agreed and went over the next morning. She went on and on about having this smart thermostat installed and was so excited. After my nice friend and I got of the PC, I add to research was smart thermostat was. I had never heard of them before, however blatantly they allow you to control your Heating & A/C system from your smartphone even when you aren’t home. I can’t know my 85 year old Grandma knew what this was and I haven’t even heard of it before. This is what I actually cherish about my Grandma, he always keeps me on my toes.

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