Need a current heater

I have lived in the same home my whole life, but it was my Grandparents, then my parents and now it is mine. I have always wanted to raise my family in this condo because it holds so several fond memories for me. I cherish this home so much and my family has had a lot of preventative labor done on it to keep it running officially over the years, but the home is over one hundred years old and still looks almost brand new, then my nice friend and I have expanded a little since my nice friend and I moved in only because our family is growing quickly and I don’t want to outgrow the house. I actually want to live here until I give the home to my children one morning, one morning right after my nice friend and I finished our last expansion project, I woke up to the home feeling identifiably warm. Our Heating & A/C system had just been replaced so I was confused why the home felt warm. I look at our thermostat and the temperature was set at 68 degrees, but so I called my Heating & A/C company so he could come and take a look and hopefully figure out the issue, and he came out instantly and said the concern wasn’t with our a/c unit, however with radiant heat coming from the floor. I knew my parents had radiant flooring install several years ago, however my nice friend and I never used it because my nice friend and I were content with just having the boiler one, however apparently, the Heating & A/C company that installed the radiant flooring years ago did not install it officially and it was going out of whack. So now my nice friend and I have to pay a fortune to have the radiant flooring taken out.



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