Frozen Heating and A/C unit

I can’t feel the luck I have had lately.

First, our Dad called and told myself and others that the family was moving and I only had a few weeks to get our stuff out of the house, then, our wifey told myself and others that every one of us were through.

Life has just not given myself and others any breaks at all. I had been dealing with so much that I didn’t pay attention when our portable Heating and A/C unit stopped working properly. It wasn’t until is started smoking that I realized there was a big problem with it and I instantaneously unobstructed it. When I reached down to feel the side it was burning tepid and it was then that I saw the substantial puddle of water behind it on the floor. It is a single of those lay alone units and something must have gone terribly wrong. I knew it had been running non stop for the past week trying to cool the home as the un-even temperatures were truly high outside. Looking back I know I should have shut it off from time to time to supply it a break. These units are designed to cool a bedroom or small living space and cycle on and off as needed. They are nowhere near as powerful or effective as a traditional Heating and A/C plan that is installed in your home! I ended up calling the Heating and A/C business to see if there was anything that could be done. Her recommendation was to simply purchase another a single because she said the cost of the repair would be almost the same amount of cash if not more.


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