Fixing the bedroom with custom made pieces

I lived with the same aged & ugly bedroom for nearly 12 years.

The book shelves were stained & scratched.

The dresser drawers no longer shut officially. The hardwood floor had sustained water disfigure. The center foot stool was huge & yet provided really limited storage. When I finally saved up enough cash to remodel the bedroom, I spoke with more than 2 corporations & tried designing the new shelves through 1 of the big retail chain hardware stores. I was not happy with anything they were able to come up with. I didn’t enjoy the look of the shelves or the quality of wood they tried to use. No matter how they attempted to configure the bedroom, there was a large deal of wasted space. I eventually called up a custom furniture shop. I was really surprised when they said that bedrooms are a very specific part of their business. They build the bookshelves, bedroom end tables & bed frames from scratch & to suit. I was able to tailor every detail to perfectly fit the exact dimensions of the space & my preferences. I chose a really modern style constructed from butternut wood. The largest dilemma was the bedroom footstool. Although I still wanted the convenience & extra space provided by a foot stool, I didn’t appreciate always working around it. The craftsman who helped me design my bedroom suggested putting the stool on wheels. This was the ideal solution. I now have the benefits of having the stool however can transport it where I need it most.

Transitional masterpiece