Custom furnishings for a smaller home

They sewed the curtains & pillows from fabrics that I chose

After Benny and I first bought our home, him and I just loved the cute little place. The rooms were shaped and sized odd. The office & den are basically 1 big open space with small alcoves. The kitchen is located around a pressing fireplace & most of the bedrooms have slanted ceilings. The majority of the rooms also have seriously tiny & unusually sized windows. The condo has a great deal of charm. However, Benny and I hastily realized that furnishing & decorating this loft was nearly impossible. Benny was unable to find curtains to fit the windows. I searched without success for dressers to fit into the bedrooms. Him and I had no clue on how to organize the living & bedrooms. I had no luck on my search for a table that would fit into the bedroom. My cousin suggested that I go through a custom furniture shop. Although this was way more expensive than simply buying from retail shops, everything was tailored to perfectly fit & suit the oddly sized house. Benny and I were able to select a style that included colors, fabrics & textures. The custom furniture shop built each item from the bedroom end tables & chairs to headboards & bed frames. They sewed the curtains & pillows from fabrics that I chose. Plus, I consulted with a designer who assisted me with the overall plan & taxing choices. I didn’t end up with a bunch of unnecessary furnishings that I did not work. I am totally pleased with the end result of our house.

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