Figuring out the repair

The other day, my son woke up screaming in his bed. This woke my wife and I up and we went to see what was going on. He was sweating like crazy and I realized that I was sweating also. It was really overheated in the house and while my wife was comforting our son, I went to check the thermostat. It was over 80 degrees in the house! I tried to get the A/C system to engage but it was not working. It was also the middle of the night and I realized that I couldn’t contact the HVAC company unless I wanted to pay for emergency repairs, and those are expensive! I grabbed a few fans and set them up in my son’s room and our room. He was telling us about his bad dream where he was falling into a massive volcano. Considering that he was so overheated, it kind of made sense that he would have a nightmare like that. When we had the fans working, it felt a lot better but it was still pretty hot. We opened up the windows and it was somewhat cool outside actually so this helped some. As soon as the morning time arrived, I called up the HVAC company to come and repair our air conditioning. They said they would make it to our house by noon. So the HVAC technician arrived right on time and took care of everything. By that time it was really hot outside so we were thankful when the A/C was working again. We knew we would all get a great night of sleep this evening!

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