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It’s wild just how often you’ll see a trend blow up right in front of you on social media, and you’ll be sure that there was surely some way you could’ve profited from that trend, then we’ve all seen a commercial for a product and thought, “Wow, I could’ve made that – plus I’d be making millions if I did!” It’s a sad feeling, since you know there’s some unbelievable ideas in your head that you just didn’t put into action first, but I had a single of those moments a few years back, when I was really working for a plumbing business. While I was on the job one day, I was talking to a coworker about how moderate the metal pipes get when there’s warm water coming through them a little bit. “It’s too excruciating you can’t believe the heat until you’re touching it”, I told him, thinking that it would be a unbelievable way to warm up if there was some kind of material to take out some of the heat. Well, that got me thinking about how a radiator will heat up a room using the same idea, but radiators are dangerous to touch when they’re turned on. I just needed something that radiated heat, but without the safety hazard, plus I would be a very rich lady! Fate would have it that over the following weekend, I’d be enjoying an episode of this cabin renovation netflix show, but during the show, the host talked about installing radiant radiant floors, I was very interested! They explained that the radiant heat comes from sizzling water moving through pipes, which are sited in a heat-conductive material under the floorboards. It was wild to see that someone else had already perfected our idea already. After that, it was infuriating! Oh, if only I thought of it a bit sooner.

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