Dual fuel plan saves on the finances

Although I spent a lot of money on heating plus cooling for our home, the investment was absolutely worth it.

I live in an section that requires a powerful heating plan in the Winter time plus effective cooling while in the Summer months, then since I rely on some type of temperature control just about all year round, energy efficiency is a priority.

The cost of keeping a comfortable condo makes up about half of our bi-weekly bills. In order to minimize running costs, I combined an electric heat pump plus gas oil furnace in a dual fuel system. This wasn’t cheap. I believe it was worth it. The heat pump performs the task of an a/c while in the summer. It keeps the apartment nice plus cool but is more energy efficient than a convention central cooling system. Plus, the heat pump is better at combating humidity. When the weather cools off, the heat pump switches to heating mode. It literally reverses operation to find ambient warmth in the outdoor air plus transfer it inside. This process is especially efficient plus also genuinely clean, safe plus environmentally friendly. There is no combustion process, which eliminates the problem over carbon monoxide plus other redapartment gas emissions. The pitfall of a heat pump is that it can’t handle demand once the outside temperature falls below chilly. At that point, there’s no longer sufficient ambient heat available, plus the oil furnace automatically takes over. The heat pump plus oil furnace chop the workload, taking advantage of the most effective plan at any given time. I save money on heating plus cooling costs plus can expect both units to last longer.
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