Dad’s HVAC company

My father has worked in finance his whole life.

He went to school and go a degree in accounting and has worked for the same firm ever since I can remember.

My mom always stayed home with the kids because my father made enough money on his own to support the family. However, after thirty years working for the same firm my father has called it quits and decided to open his own business. You would think he would want to open his own accounting firm, but that is not the case. My father has decided that he want to open his own HVAC business. When he told me this I was in shock. I don’t think my father knows the first thing about heating and cooling. From what I remember growing up he always had to have a HVAC company come out to the house because he never knew how to fix our heating and cooling system. But, I have to say he does seem really happy about his new HVAC company. My mom doesn’t know what to do with my father, but she is excited to help him out with the HVAC company. My father says he can always hire someone to do the HVAC labor, but he knows how to run a business. I guess he is right. He does know how to run a business better than anyone else I know. I am looking forward to getting free HVAC maintenance for life now that they own a HVAC company and my kids will have a place to work during the summertime!